This weekend I was reading to make the top 10 CX and EX blogs of February and was again reminded of the non sense of so many, often very costly, benchmarks.

Specifically the intention behind most benchmarks.

So time to share my short benchmark blues with you today.

To Benchmark…

The best focus is the focus on your own goals, drivers and improvements. On what really matters to your customers and your employees, within your own organisation.

So improve yourself, make sure you do better then last time. Definitely start there before even thinking about benchmarking.

And if you do start thinking about a benchmark, challenge yourself to the WHY of wanting to benchmark.

The only reason when a benchmark on customer and/or employee experience makes sense, is when you are really (yes, really, no wait, I mean, really !) willing to learn from it.

And to improve on the goals you have set for your own organisation.

To understand what others have done to create higher scores, so you can learn from it, see what is also applicable to your specific context, and then experiment whether it works for you as well.

Or Not To Benchmark

Don’t invest your valuable money in a benchmark when…

  • …the goal is to name and shame who is doing a bad job, specifically within your own organisation (positive appraisal works a lot better then negative);
  • …you are using completely non comparable insights (for example a 7 point scale NPS is not a 11 point scale NPS or a contact NPS is always much higher then a journey NPS);
  • …only used for internal or external politics;
  • …you stop improving because you are doing better than the benchmark;
  • …you stop improving because you are doing worse than the benchmark (because when I’m doing worse, the measurement was not done right is often a response of participants);
  • …you stop improving, because you are on the same result as the benchmark, drawing the (wrong!) conclusion that your branch / organisation just can not do better;
  • …the improvements are based on whether you are beneath the benchmark, not knowing whether those items are actually the most relevant to the customers in your branch / organisation.

Hope it can help you make wise decisions in where to invest your time and money when you want to be better and challenge yourself.

Because you should never stop challenging yourself!

The only question is whether a benchmark, as most of them are being used nowadays, is the best solution for that.

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