Based on the data of, I have reviewed the top 10 most popular customer and employee experience blogs published in February 2019.

The rating is based on the added value I think the blog has for you as a business leader working with CX and EX.


CX 1 – Building a 5 Start Customer Experience with AI



In this blog 5 examples are given of Artificial Intelligence applications.

All 5 examples are either pretty vague or are more smart business rules than Artificial Intelligence.

There is 1 interesting study of Forrester they mention: in their latest CX index report more brands then ever were ranked ‘mediocre’.

Only 37 brands did better compared to previous index measures (while 250 brands stagnated or declined).

Interesting facts to use in your own powerpoints to underline the importance of good CX.

CX 2 – Improving Customer Experience takes more then Technology



This blog states that yes technology is helpful in customer contact, but that the human aspect should never be forgotten.

Although I surely agree on that, I don’t agree with the explanation in this blog.

Stating for example that 58% of customers still believe reaching a representative is the best way to get efficient service and 74% say they are more loyal when they can speak to someone.

Although these numbers will definitely be true, the conclusion should not be: customers need person to person contact.

The conclusion should be: most digital experiences are still far from good enough to make customers trust in those channels.

So of course I’m still saying I want to call someone, because I can not fix it properly online.

Organisations have been saying now for over 20 years that technology will answer the easier questions and the complex questions will remain for humans.

But with the speed of digital transformation, many organisations are struggling to keep up, with many easy questions or transactions still being handled through their contact centers agents.

CX 3 – Role of AI and Machine Learning in Customer Experience



While in the first blog above, the Artificial Intelligence examples don’t really feel like AI but more smart business rules, this blog explains clearly what is AI and what is Machine Learning (ML).

On top of that, just as I was thinking: ok all very nice, but I see 90% of organisations not having the right data quality and infrastructure to do this, he acknowledges exactly that data struggle.

Saying that the biggest question to ask before adopting these technologies is: do we have the data required to successfully implement and AI and ML strategy? And he ends with 4 foundational items to consider when working with AI and ML.

CX 4 – Descriptive, Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics in CX



The distinction in this blog between the 3 types of analytics is rather vague, especially between prescriptive and predictive.

To me, it does not seem that organisations will find added value in plotting their analyses into these three types.

CX 5 – Why Focusing on Customer Experience is Your Best Bet



When you are just starting out with marketing or customer experience, this is an ok blog.

Stating that personalization and mobile first is relevant in order to retain customers.

But since you are already working in / with the customer experience field, there is nothing new in this blog for you.


EX 1 – The Employee Experience Platform



I really like the vision of Josh Bersin on Employee Experience.

In this blog though, the focus lies more on sharing the trend in HR tech, stating the need for an integrated layer across all HR tools, so I as an employee have 1 seamless experience.

In essence, what comes to mind when I read his blog, is that for many organisations, the time has come to put all the customer experience techniques on the employee experience of their organisation.

Starting with what we’ve learned from CRM in the past 30 years (creating a layer over all the systems we are using to service customers), using the journey techniques, break through silos internally, service design and even call center analyses techniques to analyze the rootcauses of the contacts.

All with the goal to help the employee be the best at his or her jobs to be done.

EX 2 – How Nestlé Improve Employee Experience



Nestlé has used the Facebook platform Workplace, to enhance collaboration and engagement in their organisation.

They’ve seen some great results after implementing this platform (sharing more ideas, more engaged, faster responses, experimenting and collaboration more).

Especially for organisations that have mostly 16-24 year old workers who don’t have email, this makes all the sense.

So it’s a great idea, and I know several organisations are using other social related platforms internally.

The only thing that is missing in this blog, is how they use the platform, how they introduced it, etc.

Because just launching a platform is never successful in itself.

We have seen a lot of social internal initiatives fail.

So it would have been great to learn how they made it a success.

Hence the 3 rating.

EX 3 – What Exactly is Employee Experience?



In this blog Annette Franz shares what Employee Experience really is.

And with that, she is saying all the right things.

The 2 rating is because this will not be anything new for you.

It did gave me some brainwaves for a new experiment though, i’ll get back to you when the brainwaves have developed into more details.

EX 4 – Forrester’s Employee Experience Index



Forrester introduces The Employee Experience Index. Confirming again the gap between what management thinks matters to employees and what truly matters to them (“being able to make progress everyday toward the work that they believe is most important”).

It’s not a 5 rating, because with this Index, Forrester is also focusing on a generic benchmark that organisation can then use.

And generic benchmarks are highly overrated (see my “Benchmark Blues” blog for more on this).

Why would you use a generic benchmark, when you can so easily find the drivers that matters the most to your own employees?

EX 5 – Can AI Humanize the Employee Experience?



This blog is very specific for the retail context and then also very specific on stating that employees need to be trained on the artificial intelligence tools that are being used.

So they can add to the experience of the customers directly on the shop floor for example.

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