Based on the data of, I have reviewed the top 10 most popular customer and employee experience blogs published in January 2019.

The rating is based on the added value I think the blog has for you as a business leader working with CX and EX.


CX 1 – Customer Experience Cartoons



This is a blog by Tom Fishburne (Marketoonist) containing just 4 customer experience related cartoons.

They might be useful for some of your PowerPoint presentations.

All four of them are cartoons showing the impact of negative customer service.

CX 2 – 7 Kinds of Predictive Analytics for Customer Experience



In this blog, Blake Morgan shares 7 examples of applying predictive analytics to enhance customer experience.

They are good examples, though they lack specific results.

So you get an idea of how to apply predictive analytics, but the examples are not saying how much churn has been prevented, how much extra revenue has been gained, etc.

So it’s more of a high-level blog to give you some ideas of how other organizations are applying predictive analytics.

CX 3 – Top 10 Customer Experience Trends to Look for At CES



In this blog, Blake Morgan lists 10 technological developments with an impact on customer experience, that she is looking forward to when she will be visiting CES (the world’s largest consumer technology event).

The trends themselves are not new, you will already know them (they include AI, wearablethe, block chain, etc).

CX 4 – AI Proves its Value in Improving Customer Experiences



In this blog from, three cases are shared of organizations that applied AI in their customers’ experience.

The first case of Connexxions Loyalty is rather abstract and technical, though it does share that they have seen increases in results such as conversion, return visits and customer retention.

The second case of Verizon is also pretty high level.

The last one from 98point6 is also very high level, though their CTO gives a spot-on summary of AI and CX:

I see more examples of unhelpful application of AI to customer experiences than I see great applications.

If product and experience designers start with AI technology and work backwards, they inevitably end up having to fit a solution to a problem which may or may not exist.

If instead we focus on customer pain points and ask ourselves how best to solve those pain points, we will inevitably discover situations where AI-based solutions are appropriate for the problems.”

CX 5 – 13 Customer Experience Professionals Share their CX New Year’s resolution



This blog is an introduction of a podcast where 13 CX professionals were interviewed about their 2019 CX New Year’s resolutions.

Five of them are summarized in this blog. It’s just their personal resolutions, so no content to help you on your way to better CX in your organization.


EX 1 – Looking at Employee Experience in a new Way



“Let’s focus on creating perfect employee experiences by emphasizing belonging, trust and purpose in the year ahead.” Hallelujah!

Josh Bersin shares relevant research, proving again that purpose and meaning is what really drives employee engagement.

Not payment and benefits (yes, that has to be fair, but is not the holy grail itself).

So when you need to convince your peers of the relevance of purpose and meaning to improve your employees’ experience, the research he mentions is definitely useful for you.

EX 2 – How to Create a Strong Employee Experience



This nice blog is in line with the previous one, though she uses the insights from another study on employee engagement.

She also gives some tips on how you can start changing the culture of your organization to better fit with the changed needs to create more engagement.

As we also found in our studies, the role of the direct manager is not as decisive in creating engagement as it used to be.

EX 3 – Re-imagining the Employee Experience in the age of AI



Chris Savio makes a very true point in this blog, that is not often mentioned, though it is an issue in every organization I see everyday.

He addresses the fact that organizations have been focusing on innovating the customer experience with all easy and flashy apps and tools, while the employees’ tools are often far from that.

As I also see in daily reality, they are often doing a great job despite the tools they are using.

Because of this, there is a risk of a vicious circle:

  1. The employees need support from IT for older, currently used tooling issues.
  2. This causes IT to have too little time to focus on innovating and creating tools that enhance the experience and performance of the employees.

One of his suggestions is to use AI in this context of internal IT support.

Which is a suggestion that definitely makes sense for a lot of organizations.

But it also makes sense for him to mention this specific example, since he is a manager at a company that seems to provide this tech solution ????

The rating is 4 and not 5, because it would have been great if he gave more specific ideas and cases on how to solve the lack of innovation on the internal, employee experience side.

EX 4 – How to Create an Engaging Employee Experience



This blog by Glassdoor mentions the basic elements of making sure you engage your employees.

Because it’s the basics, I don’t expect it to have a lot of new insights for you as a business leader working with CX and EX (hence the 3 rating).

He ends with a very valid and crucial point, saying that culture is the most prominent driver of creating true engagement within the organization.

EX 5 – How Technology can Help Improve Employee Experience



This blog is completely in line with number 3 in this list.

It states that there needs to be a lot more attention to the internal service journey that the employees experience, starting with IT.

Since this one is a very short, high-level blog, I would advise you to read number 3 instead.

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