Research shows that many CX programs
fail to deliver the desired results:


Less then 7% of companies are CX leaders, while for >85% CX is a top 3 priority.




Challenge your current insights and start accelerating CX in your organisation.

Journey mapping, CX metrics, drivers… Can you find the sense and nonsense?


Do the CX test and find out with only 10 questions.
Not 100% score? Time to unleash your CX potential!

After sending it, you immediately see your scores and the answers including links to blogs and video’s with explanations.
PS: No, you don’t need to handover your email or any other personal data to do the quiz. I’m sure you know how to find me if you want to know more.


There is a huge gap between the % of organisations that have CX as a top priority (more than 85%) and the % of organisations that are successful in CX (less then 7%).

Because there is a lot of nonsense going on in the customer experience field and for organisations it’s virtually impossible to find their way and see the forest through the trees.

It explains why so many CX programs take extremely long, show little measurable results and are not embedded in the daily operations of all employees.

The good news? All you need is a change in perspective to unleash the potential across the entire organisation!

Why these 3 topics? Because they are the start of any CX program.

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