The Customer Experience field can be kind of daunting. To create some clarity in the “experience swamp” I’ve created this download for you containing my customer experience framework.


It contains three sheets:

  1. Comparison of a product-, customer- or human centric organisation. The latter to me is the end goal and everything I develop is in light of this transformation toward human centricity.
  2. The Accelerate In Experience framework connecting all 5 types of experience and explaining the 4 stages of customer- and employee experience.
  3. Overview of the 5 types of experience (brand-, customer-, employee-, service-, and user experience) and their metrics (NPS, C-SAT, CES, etc.)

In this blog I explain some more about the framework.


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All online courses have been accredited by NIMA, the Dutch Marketing Association which is part of the European Marketing Confederation.

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