Zanna's dream

“Help organisations treat people well (customers ánd employees).”


“By navigating through the sense and nonsense of it all.”


“With a scientifically proven methodology that speaks the language of the corporate world, while at the same time reconnecting employees with their sense of purpose and creating a lot of energy across the entire organisation.”

“Based on my PhD in Customer Experience and my 20 years of experience in CX, I have developed an internationally proven methodology. One that even has proven to be culturally independent. My dream is to turn this methodology into a global CX standard and increase the % of CX leading companies in the world. Since (1) there is so much nonsense going on in CX and as a consequence (2) the % of CX leading companies has been extremely low for years now (between 4-7%).”

“More important to me then this dream of scaling, is my quality standard and personal connection to the people I work with. This has been a complex puzzle in the last few years. I have now been able to solve it by developing online courses (all accredited by NIMA, the Dutch Marketing Association which is part of the European Marketing Confederation). With these tools, I can help you accelerate to unleash your CX potential, while maintaining high quality and personal connection. So let’s create an exponential growth of this % in the next decade!”

Want to know more about Zanna’s track record? Check out her LinkedIn profile.

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