(1) From functional CX to CX transformation (EN)

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Are you struggling to get measurable results on CX in the short term and/or is it hard to mobilize your entire organisation? 9 out of 10 times the underlying cause is a flawed CX compass. Everyone is busy journey mapping and measuring feedback. Yet, this is where it almost always goes wrong. In this session, I (Zanna) share with you a scientific, pragmatic ánd proven approach to create this CX compass. And no, this compass does not consist of a 3 month journey mapping approach and analyzing open texts from your NPS research… (do I have you attention? 😉 During this session I will share more of the sense and nonsense around CX.

NB. Since knowing the scientific approach of finding the true latent drivers is crucial for everything else you intend to do, this session is the starting point. The other inspiration sessions build on this one.

Format of the session

  • Two hour session with a mix of listening and doing (at no cost);
  • For each organisation 4-7 participants join the session (to share knowledge more broadly);
  • The break out groups are per organisation (to get started with it right away);
  • Check the video of the session on designing transformation to give you an idea of the session format.

Check if you fit the criteria below

  • You are able to find 4-7 enthusiastic colleagues to join this session.

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Date And Time

2021-04-20 @ 14:00 (CET) to
2021-04-20 @ 16:00 (CET)


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