With the masterclass Experience Metrics you will learn all about the sense and nonsense of the mostly used experience metrics (NPS, SAT, CES), which metrics are best used for which type of experience and especially why.



NPS, C-SAT, CES… are you also wondering about the sense and nonsense of experience metrics and when to use which metric for maximum impact? In this masterclass you will learn which metric is most relevant for each of the 5 types of experience (BX, CX, EX, SX and UX) and especially the why behind the relevance. You will learn how to find the true, latent drivers and why open answers with the NPS to find rootcauses is not the best road to take.

NB. all modules and masterclasses are a subset of the entire X-training. So when you do the X-training, you will automatically have all the modules and masterclasses in da pocket 😉

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Want to know what elements are all part of this masterclass? Check out the complete content list of the masterclass Experience Metrics.

Not sure if this is the best choice for your situation? Feel free to send me a Whatsapp (+31623511779) or email, then we can discuss together what makes sense for you.


“I was looking for experience metrics that really matter to our customers (fans in our case) and which provides the correct insights in their real drivers effecting satisfaction. With this course I not only found the experience metrics but also learned how to implement them. Are you already using these metrics? Especially then I would recommend you to take this masterclass. Big chance you will realize you need to do things differently ;)”

Damian Bott, manager Marketing and Media, PSV (soccer club NL)

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