With the masterclass Journey Mapping with Impact you will learn all about the sense and nonsense of journey mapping. I’ll walk you through applying the main ánd detailed journeys, because you need both in order to be successful.



In this masterclass you will learn all about the sense and nonsense of customer ánd employee journey mapping, what type of journeys exist and when what type is relevant to use. You learn to distinguish between the main and detailed journeys and when to use both. After this masterclass you are able to facilitate your own journey workshop and understand how you can use the journey as a structure to plot both the true latent drivers of satisfaction as well as your customer contact for maximum impact across the organisation.

NB. all modules and masterclasses are a subset of the entire X-training. So when you do the X-training, you will automatically have all the modules and masterclasses in da pocket 😉

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Want to know what elements are all part of this masterclass? Check out the complete content list of the masterclass Financial Impact of Experience.

Not sure if this is the best choice for your situation? Feel free to send me a Whatsapp (+31623511779) or email, then we can discuss together what makes sense for you.


“I was looking for a way to get started with journey mapping as part of a good experience methodology. So it would be a means to an end instead of just creating journeys for the sake of doing it. After done multiple training and masterclasses in journey mapping I’ve noticed they teach you all about touchpoints and asking your customers about their emotions in every step of the journey. This is the way to do it, right?…No, wrong! During this masterclass you will learn how it should be done. It provided me with some very new insights on how to meaningfully and correctly use journeys. It also provides good tips to get started organizing journey workshops ourselves for PSV.”

Damian Bott, manager Marketing and Media, PSV (Dutch soccer club)

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