Did the CX test make you aware of untapped CX potential waiting to be unleashed?


Then enhance your company’s CX competence with Accelerate In Experience!


“Together we’ll make a customized plan to accelerate CX in your own organisation.” – Zanna van der Aa.


In three easy steps.

Onboard leadership

Use my book “In the driving seat of Customer Experience” to  onboard your fellow leaders. So you all can support the organisation wide CX transformation that is needed to be successful. NB. Prefer Dutch? Then check the Dutch version of my book: “Klantsignaalmanagement”.

Learn to accelerate

In the 6 weeks online training i’ll teach you everything you need to know to lead the CX transformation in your organisation. A team of 3-5 colleagues do this training together, to make sure CX breaks through the departmental silo’s and you sustainably enhance the CX competence of your own organisation. Or check out the other online modules and masterclasses in the eXperience playground. All online courses have been accredited by NIMA, the Dutch Marketing Association which is part of the European Marketing Confederation. NB. Prefer Dutch? Then check the Dutch version of the training.

Start making a difference

After the 6 weeks training we plan a session and together make a customized plan for your organisation to start or to accelerate CX, create measurable results in the short term ánd unleash the potential across your entire organisation.

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