A quest to develop a diagnostic tool that helps organisations put customers and employees back in the heart of their organisation by creating great customer- and employee experiences.


90% of organisations across the globe are still organized around a 100 year old organisation system (coming from scientific management). Task steering, kpi’s and siloed departments all stem from that management philosophy. This system is (subconsciously) aimed at maximum control and efficiency. As a design consequence, it is easy to lose track of the needs of customers and employees. Even if you don’t want to.


Customer- and employee experience is a great way to put the customers and employees back in the heart of your organisation. 90% of organisations agree with this statement. The struggle lies in the HOW.

“With this control and efficiency oriented system still at our core, how can we start putting our customers and employees back in the center of everything we do and organically move toward a more human centric organisation system?”

Despite this control oriented system most of you are working in, you are doing great things to put those customers and employees first on different levels within the organisation. Those experiences are invaluable to collect and share with each other. Successful ánd unsuccessful examples, because sometimes we learn more from our biggest struggle than our biggest success.


Sinds 2018 I work mostly international with different cultures, from Argentina to Japan.
What touches me the most in this experience, is that there is so much more that connects than divides us. That’s why the Experience Expedition is an international initiative, so we enhance learning from each other by sharing cases and we can realize our human centricity vision across the globe.

Based on all those cases and our combined experiences, I think we can develop a diagnostic tool that helps all of us create better customer- and employee experiences. And in doing so, help organisations move toward more human centricity together with other organisations across the globe.

Join our quest by sharing your cases, learn from peers in other organisations through our international Experience Expedition community and apply the diagnostic tool to your own cases to help validate it.

What does your journey look like?

  • Read about this campaign and get excited to join
  • Send an email to cases(at)accelerateinexperience(dot)com if you want to join
  • Receive the criteria for submitting your case(s)
  • Share your own case(s)
  • Receive my questions to understand your case (only when something is not clear or missing)
  • Get access to the global peers community (private LinkedIn group)
  • Learn from shared cases by your peers and respond to them
  • Receive the 0.1 version of the diagnostic tool
  • Apply it to your own case(s)
  • Share your findings in using the diagnostic tool
  • Receive tweaked versions of the diagnostic tool
  • Stay updated on the progress of the book (see last bullets of my journey below)

What does my journey look like?

  • Run campaign to collect as many cases across the globe as possible
  • Review the cases and if not clear, ask questions to you to complete your case
  • Create a community with peers who all have shared their cases that fit the criteria
  • Develop the 0.1 version of the diagnostic tool (pdf to start with)
  • Make the tool available so you can apply it to your own case and give feedback
  • Develop new versions of the diagnostic tool until it adds the value we need
  • Keep asking for new cases based on the new version(s) of the diagnostic tool
  • Write a book about customer- and employee experience including on this diagnostic tool with all the cases that have been shared and the key takeaways of each case based on the diagnostic tool. So anyone in the world can look up a case that fits their own current challenge and context, see the key takeaways, pick and choose the relevant elements and apply it in their own organisations.
  • Publish the book and spread the human centric vibes across the globe…


  • Have two or more years experience with customer- or employee experience related projects;
  • Are willing to share your experience with peers (anonymized case if you want);
  • Are part of the case organisation itself, not a CX/EX consultancy or tooling company.


  • Scope. Any case in which you have dealt with one or more customer- and/or employee experience related challenges such as:
    • Getting a go for your CX / EX project
    • Mapping the customer- or employee journeys
    • Measuring their experience to find what drives customers / employees
    • Improving the SAT / NPS / CES of your customers
    • Improving the SAT /eNPS / engagement of your employees
    • Creating excited managers / boards to improve based on the insights
    • Creating excited employees to work with the insights to improve experiences
    • Anchoring experience in your organisation’s DNA
  • Size. For each topic you can share a case (please don’t make 1 giant case including all these topics) or you can even share multiple cases within 1 topic. An impactful, tiny intervention can also be a case.
  • Description. For your case you describe:
    1. The challenge you were facing
    2. The context of your project and organisation relevant to the case
    3. The approach you took to face the challenge
    4. The duration of your intervention / project
    5. The result of your intervention / project

In this pdf you can find two example cases from my own experience, a successful case and an unsuccessful case.

Share with your network

The more cases we collect across the globe, the more valuable the diagnostic tool and book will be.

So please share this link with relevant people and platforms in your network. Thanks!


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